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After recently being purchased by Nat Turner this year after a massive injection of new collectors seeking to get their collectibles graded, PSA has just announced through email and on their website that they are suspending all new grading submissions.

Long Wait Times for Grading Submissions

The trading card boom that has been occurring since 2015 is hotter than ever. As a lot of collectors have experienced long wait times and ‘value’ submissions taking nearly 6 months to a year although collectors had been able to pay a higher premium for quicker turn around services.

Long wait times and continued submissions have created an increasing backlog…

It’s being reported by some H&R Block users that new Stimulus payments are being delayed, even after they’re getting notifications of fund disbursement. After receiving this notification ourselves, we found some interesting info.

As one of the presumably millions of H&R Block customers, we filed our taxes with H&R using their online tax software rather than meeting with one of our agents like we’ve done for the past several years. Now with 2020 stimulus payment, the IRS sent our payment to us direct deposit our account.

Yet this year; we came to find out that the 2021 stimulus payments were…

In the first article of website strategy series, we’ll give you the information you need to create a successful website.

Whether your creating a blog or business site it’s important to have a marketing strategy that you follow to create, maintain and expand your website. If you’re just starting our and don’t have a website, now’s the time to create a marketing plan which will be your road-map that you will follow that will lead to increased exposure, customers and web presence.

New Website Strategy

Whether you’re setting up a blog, business site, portfolio, or e-commerce site, there are a few basics you…

The number one reason small businesses fail isn’t due to economic impacts but by failing to stay hungry.

Complacency, other needs and the attitude that things are fine is what stops or causes most ideas & businesses to fail. though the Coronavirus may be a close second, as someone who markets small businesses for professional partners, friends and even my own project, I’ve seen such a wide variety of attitudes in regards to businesses from multiple public sectors.

Getting What You Want

This may sound like an infomercial but it’s really possible to get what you want. With the right goals, the mindset and…

In 2021, there seems to be someone writing on everything imaginable and in fact blogs for pets, video games and other topics are more popular than ever.

While writing blogs with new perspectives and even evergreen content to gain visibility is important, you want to give your reader an engaging experience that if you’re a blog or business owner, you want readers to spend as much time on your website as possible, sign up for a newsletter, click on your affiliate links or become new customers or clients.

While many people think this is easier said than done, the right…


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